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Call For Papers: Study of Negro Genetics Relative to IQ And Behavior

Pursuant to a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Genetics and Public Health, we are calling for "Stage One" research proposals.

Before proposing your methodology, nominating qualified participants, and requesting your budget, please make certain that your proposal and your approach to the subject takes into account existing research:

Your proposal should address our minimum requirements:

Central Objectives:
(1.) Proposed methodology for modifying Negro genetics, in order to make their inborn skill sets more competitive with Caucasians and Asians, turn off or suppress the MAOA "Warrior Gene", as well as improve their immune systems, all the while keeping any athletic advantages, which they may possess.
(2.) Proposed methodology to develop airborne virus-like particles, designed to infect the host and make genetic changes.

In order to qualify, you should be currently involved in at least one of the following fields:

General Biological Research
Industrial Biotechnology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Genetics
Stem Cell Biology

Feel free to call on Michael Clements to discuss your ideas, and if accepted, to negotiate your stipend.

This Study is Managed by:
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